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you guys deserve BETTER! D:


SOOOOOOOOOOOO here's the skoop about the books!

okay, so editing looked like this before i actually tackled it:

Editing "it's gunna take a while to put the book together and sniff out all the mistakes*______________* "

Me: "PFFFFFFFFFFFFT! che! no way, i can totally do it in like... an hr or something >u>" PFT! lies! "

Editing "i have warned you D:< " *faids away into distance*

the day of Editing V.s Yosh arrives and it goes down like this:

AHHHHHHHHH!!! Yosh screams as it takes her WAY! longer to figure everything out and how to put the bloody book together! GREAT MERLA'S BEARD! Editing uses sneak attack and shuts down Yosh's window and gets rid of all their info! THIS IS THE MOST EDITING EDITING WE'VE SEEN SINCE 1987!!!!!

result i finish editing to close to mei move date and now i have to wait till i move in :\ Yosh is the lamest BL wanna-be-manga-ka EVA D:

srry u guys :C

posted by YoshikoFuru @ August 17th, 2010, 12:54 am  -  1 Comments

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Wut a story! :P

But, you're not lame.. =3=
I mean come'on, srsly! :P

posted by Bashiieru, August 18th, 2010, 9:48 am

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